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 Entrance Examination Procedure
In accordance with Administrative Regulation No. 13/2006 (Recruitment Examination, Training Courses and Practice Systems for the Corps of Prison Guards), the recruitment for prison guards are divided into the following stages:
  1. Medical Checkup
  2. Physical Test
  3. Knowledge Test
  4. Evaluation of Curriculum Vitae
  5. Psychological Test
  6. Interview
  • Candidates are subject to elimination in every item, except items (4) and (6).

Physical Test:
  1. 80m dash (timed)
  2. long jump
  3. chin-up/ suspension
  4. push-up
  5. sit-up
  6. high jump
  7. Cooper test
  8. balance beam
  • For item (3) mentioned above, male candidates should take the chin-up test, while female candidates should take the suspension test.

Knowledge Test:
Chinese or Portuguese dictation; Chinese or Portuguese composition; Mathematics test in Chinese or Portuguese.

Psychological Test:
The psychological test may include multiple stages, and candidates are subject to elimination at every stage of the test.
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