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 Counseling Services

Counseling Services

The Institution is staffed with social workers, psychologists, vocational training instructors, teachers and tutors providing discipline training, counseling and education. The Boys’ Home and the Girls’ Home each has its own team of counselors working on shifts to provide round-the-clock supervision services.

The social workers and counseling staff at the Institution will provide personalized counseling services corresponding to the issues of self-concept, emotional management and moral values encountered by each juvenile, helping them adopt a correct life attitude again and mend their behaviors and conduct. Furthermore, juveniles are arranged to participate in systematic discipline training including marching and physical fitness training as well as a reward scheme, strengthening their awareness of discipline and training their willpower.

Strengthening Familial Relationship

To enable the juveniles to receive more support and trust from family, the Institution will help juveniles re-establish and strengthen familial relationship and communication through meetings, home visits and activities, and will also help some families with detained juveniles develop a family support system and enhance the guardians’ supervision skills, creating more favorable conditions for the juveniles’ return to society.

Individual counseling

Most detainees' problems lie in their self-concept, emotional control, rational thinking, perspectives of right and wrong and morality, etc. Therefore, in counseling sessions, individual and close assistance will be provided according to the concrete actual problems of the detainee.

Reunionlunch of the guardians and the juveniles
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