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 Activities Facilitating Social Reintegration

Inmates’ Handicraft Exhibition

The Correctional Services Bureau holds the inmates’ handicraft exhibition to evoke concern and acceptance for inmates from the public, and to convey the message of support for their social reintegration in the community.

Besides, through displaying the handcrafts made by inmates, their different talents and skills are introduced to different social sectors, deepening the public’s understanding on them. Much support  and assistance from the public has thus been given to the work facilitating inmates' social reintegration, simultaneously achieving correctional purposes and the community’s acceptance of inmates.

Loving Employers—Pre-release Inmate Employment Scheme

To increase employment opportunities for inmates upon their release and enable them to successfully return to society, the Correctional Services Bureau and the Social Welfare Bureau have been collaborating on the “Pre-release Inmate Employment Scheme” , and the latter's Department of Social Reintegration has been arranging the “loving employers” taking part in the Scheme to the Prison to interview prospective employees. There have been successfully cases where inmates garnered the jobs, indicative of the Scheme’s contribution to inmates’ confidence in future social reintegration and rehabilitation.

Inmates’ Loving and Caring Society Service Scheme

In collaboration with non-profit organizations, the Bureau launched the “Inmates’ Loving and Caring Society Service Scheme” at the end of 2010. Inmates have since been regularly arranged to provide volunteer services in non-governmental organizations such as nursing homes, elderly care centers, service centers for the disabled, youth hostels and libraries, to increase their sense of responsibility for payback to society. The public has since experienced inmates’ enthusiasm for helping others and their resolution for return to society.

Inmates’ Chinese New Year Party

For inmates to experience the care and support from different walks of life, the Bureau, in collaboration with a non-profit organization, annually holds an Inmates’ Chinese New Year Party during the Chinese New Year. Every year, guests from different social sectors attend the Party and celebrate the New Year with inmates.

Inmates Celebrate June 1 with Their Children

The International Children’s Day is a festival for children. To let inmates’ young children spend the Day with their parents, the Bureau holds an annual Children’s Day celebration event in hopes of encouraging parent-child interactions and strengthening the familial bond. Under the care and support of their families, inmates are able to establish a positive life attitude, which becomes their driving force for active self-reform.

Cultural and Recreational Activities and Workshops

Out of concern for inmates’ physical and mental well-being, and to let them have an enriched life, the Bureau has been continually organizing a variety of cultural and recreational activities (e.g.: competitions in writing, creating lyrics for songs, Christmas card design, chess) as well as different interest classes (e.g.: classes on language skills, western music, dancing, acting in a play), as a balance of their mind and body while serving sentence.

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