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  • 1. How do I get to Coloane Prison?

    Coloane Prison is situated at Estrada de Cheoc Van, Rua de S. Francisco Xavier, s/n, Coloane, Macao. To get to Coloane Prison, members of the public can take bus no. 15, 21A or 26A, and alight at the “Coloane Prison -1” stop (no. C662) or the “Coloane Prison -2” stop (no. C661).

  • 2. How do family and friends contact an inmate?

    Family and friends can contact an inmate through the following ways:

    Letters: Inmates can contact family and friends in the outside world through letters. For details, please refer to Question 15.

    Visit sessions: To make an inmate visit on prison premises, inmates’ family and friends can apply for a visiting permit. For details regarding the visiting permit, please visit

    Telephone: Upon an inmate’s admission to prison, the Prison will immediately arrange the inmate to call his/her family. The inmate can also inform his/her family of his/her being in prison through the help of the Prison’s social workers/counselors. Thereafter, if necessary, the inmate may apply to call his/her family on a periodical basis. 
  • 3. How much visit time can an inmate have?

    Each inmate is entitled to a fixed hour’s visit time each week. The visitor must bring along the visiting permit and meet with the inmate according to the visit time arranged by the Prison.

  • 4. What is the scope of the Correctional Services Bureau’s “online services”?

    The “online services” include: the application for “permit for visiting an inmate”, “video visit to an inmate”, “special visit to an inmate”, “certificate of imprisonment”, “appointment with a prison social worker”, “video visit to a juvenile delinquent” and “certificate of residence at Youth Correctional Institution”.
    The applicant may visit the “online services system” or on the Correctional Services Bureau’s website or mobile app, choose the service needed and complete the application procedure by entering the necessary information according to prompts from the system. 
  • 5. How many kinds of inmate visits are there? How do I apply?

    Based on different situations or actual needs, Coloane Prison has four types of visiting services, including: first visit, regular visit, video visit and special visit. For the details and the application procedures, please visit

  • 6. How many visitors can an inmate have? What are the requirements for applying for the visiting permit? Is the visiting permit also required for children?

    Each inmate can have up to six visitors (who can apply for the visiting permit). Individuals applying for the visiting permit must be aged 16 and above with the legal right of abode / to stay in Macao. The visiting permit is not required for inmates’ children or siblings under the age of 16, but they must present valid documentary proof and be accompanied by an individual holding the permit in order to pay a visit to the inmate.

  • 7. What is video visit? Does it mean the visitor can meet with an inmate through his/her own communication or electronic device?

    The Correctional Services Bureau provides the video visitservice to allow the elderly, expectant mothers, people with limited mobility or disabilities to talk toa family member or friend held in Coloane Prison without having to make the long trip here.After applying for the video visit service, the abovementioned individuals can meet with an inmate (who is inside the Prison) from the video visit room of the Correctional Services Bureau Service and Information Centre through videoconferencing. For details regarding the video visit service, please visit

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