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 Entry Requirements

In accordance with Law No. 7/2006 (Personnel Statute for the Career of the Corps of Prison Guards), amended by Law No. 7/2021, to enter the career system of the prison guards, individuals must meet the general prerequisites and the following special prerequisites:

  1. Being a permanent resident of the Macao Special Administrative Region;
  2. Being 18 years of age as at the ending date of the recruitment examination application period and not exceeding 35 years of age as at 31 December of the year when the recruitment examination is launched;
  3. To assume the post of senior chief officer, the senior-ranked prison guard training program must be completed with a passing grade;
  4. To assume the post of prison guard, senior secondary school completion qualification is required and the pre-job training program for entry into the career system of the prison guards must be passed;
  5. Possessing good civic virtues, especially morality, impartiality and integrity, which are specially required in the discharge of duties of the Corps of Prison Guards;
  6. Possessing a good build and physical strength, as verified by the Recruitment Physical Examination Committee.
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