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 Terms of Use and Privacy
  1. Intellectual Property Rights Statement
    This website is established and maintained by Macao Prison. The intellectual property rights of all its contents (including texts, pictures, audio and video files) belong entirely to Macao Prison and are protected by the relevant laws of the Macao Special Administrative Region and the international treaties regarding intellectual property. Macao Prison has the right to make partial or complete amendments to this intellectual property statement at any given time, which includes augmentation or abridgement of any relevant provisions without prior notice and with immediate effect. The amended text will replace its previous version and be uploaded to this website. Use of this website after it is amended, including browsing, downloading and submitting information, copying, re-publishing, and linking to this website, will be subject to the amended version upon its publication.

  2. Your Consent to Accept the Terms of This Website
    Your use of any services provided by this website means your consent to be subject to the terms of use and privacy of this website.

  3. Re-publishing, Copying and Citing via Webpage Links

    1. All contents of this website, except those belonging to the third party, are available for copy and re-publication for non-commercial use, with no need for a written consent by Macao Prison. Nevertheless, that the relevant contents are provided by Macao Prison and the date when the contents are obtained have to be specified. The accuracy of the copied contents has to be ensured as well. The copied contents shall not represent the data contained within the official version and shall not be used as documents recognized by Macao Prison.

    2. All contents of this website, except those belonging to the third party, are available for citation for non-commercial use via webpage links, with no need for a written consent by Macao Prison. Nevertheless, it has to be specified in the citer’s webpage that the links are connected to the website of Macao Prison.

    3. Individuals or institutions shall be prohibited from using this website or its contents for commercial use of any kind without the written authorization of Macao Prison. Amendments cannot be made to copied contents, whether they are of commercial or non-commercial nature, unless with a written authorization of Macao Prison.

  4. Citing Figures
    Certain contents of this website are published in figures, which are for reference only. Statistical data published by the relevant authorities shall be taken as authentic. Users can obtain new figures by further calculating and compiling the relevant data. However, to publish such figures, the source as well as the calculation or statistical method have to be specified.

  5. Disclaimer
    Although Macao Prison has spared no efforts in ensuring the accuracy of the contents of this website, it does not mean the Prison has made any explicit or implicit guarantee or promise regarding the said contents. All information is provided according to the current circumstances, with its Chinese and Portuguese versions being authentic. Macao Prison also reserves the rights to delete, suspend or edit all the information contained within the website without prior notice. Macao Prison does not take responsibility or compensate for any loss or damage incurred by using the information contained within this website.

  6. External Links
    On this website, there are links connected to the websites of other government departments and other institutions. The contents of such websites are established and maintained by the institutions to which they belong. This website is only providing the said links for users as an additional service. Your visit to other websites via the said links means you have left this website, thus no longer subject to its terms of use. The terms of use and privacy of the said websites may differ from this website; you are thus suggested to familiarize yourselves with the relevant terms of the websites in advance when necessary. This website does not accept any responsibility or compensate for any consequences incurred by your using those websites.

  7. Handling of Personal Data

    1. Several electronic services offered on this website require personal data for operational and handling purposes. The types of data provided depend on the requirements of the services.

    2. Macao Prison guarantees that its staff members’ handling of the relevant data is in accordance with the law of the Macao Special Administrative Region related to personal data protection. Pursuant to the same law, users also have the right of access to or correction of their personal data through Macao Prison. Sending data online entails the risk of viewing or use by a third party without approval or authorization. If users find such a risk worrying, they should contact or provide information for Macao Prison via means other than the Internet.

    3. The computer system adopted on this website will record your information once you browse its pages. The information to be recorded includes your Internet domain name, IP address, location, the starting and ending date and time of your browsing, the pages you have browsed, the domain name of the website where you have used its hyperlink to connect to this website.

    4. Under normal circumstances, Macao Prison only puts the recorded information to statistical use. Only when it involves breach of the law (such as attacking this website) will Macao Prison possibly provide the recorded information for the law enforcement entity based on criminal investigation needs. The law enforcement entity may employ the information to track down the individual having breached the law and make arrangements legally.

  8. Amendment and Interpretation of the Terms of Use
    Should there be any updates of our terms of use and privacy, a new version will be published, replacing the previous one. The date of last update will also be shown on the document, but will not be especially announced.
Last updated: 4 July 2018
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