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 Counseling Services

To help the inmate solve personal issues and difficulties due to imprisonment and adapt to the life in prison, the Prison will arrange social workers to meet with the inmate within 48 hours upon imprisonment for assessment of psychological conditions.

Staff of the Social Assistance, Education and Training Division of the Prison will continually follow each inmate’s individual case, and will provide psychological counseling services for inmates in need, as a measure to increase the care for their mental health and adaptation.At the same time, the Division will also promote the contact between inmates and families, and try the best to offer viable assistance, hoping to motivate their rehabilitation and successful social reintegration in the future amid the care and support from families.

The Prison will also continually organize various emotional management topic talks for inmates, such as “Knowing Stress”, “Say No to Anxiety”, “The Art of Saying No”, and “Coping at Work”, with the objectives to educate them on personal emotions and emotional management, enhance their mental strength, and help them re-establish positive life values and build a brand new life.

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