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 Brief Introduction to Job Duties
The occupation as a prison guard is both meaningful and challenging. With their high sense of responsibility and solidarity, the prison guards together maintain the order within prison, while striving to lower recidivism rate and ensure social harmony and the safety of citizens’ life and property.

The Corps of Prison Guards, supervised by the Security and Vigilance Division which is composed of the Security Operation Coordination Team, the Security Assistance Team, the Security Administrative Affairs Team and the Security Planning and Research Team, is a team of professionals responsible for ensuring order and safety in prison. The Teams are respectively responsible for supervising security operation and enforcement of security measures, implementing emergency response measures and schemes, and organizing and coordinating security work for large-scale events and special operations; providing security analyses and suggestions regarding the isolation, classification and change of cells of an inmate following his/her admission to prison, and compiling and managing inmates’ data; arranging prison guards to participate in on-the-job training and formulating duty rosters; devising security work plans and researching and introducing techniques and equipment that optimize security and vigilance. Under the Security Operation Coordination Team, there are also the Security and Vigilance Unit, the Special Security Unit and the Tactical Response Unit.

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