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 School Education and Vocational Trainings
To ensure inmates’ reintegration which enables their quick rehabilitation after release, Coloane Prison under the Correctional Services Bureau has established a number of school education and vocational training programs specially designed for inmates. Inmates may submit application to the Prison based on personal conditions, intents and needs.

School Education

Correctional Services Bureau and Education and Youth Development Bureau have co-launched a number of primary and junior secondary courses held inside the Prison for inmates to enhance their academic qualifications, which will aid their return to society.


Inmates may apply for the courses based on their personal academic qualifications and interests. Applicants will be arranged to take an aptitude test for streaming purpose. A transcript will be given upon completion and passing of each subject. Besides, inmates may apply for correspondence courses by mail.




Vocational Training

Coloane Prison has established a number of vocational training workshops where inmates are taught by professional instructors. Inmates may apply based on their personal interests and future vocational plan, and the Prison will evaluate the applying inmates’ disciplinary record, physical and mental health before assigning work to them.

In order to provide more opportunities for inmates to acquire vocational abilities and in line with social development, the Prison has established an assortment of workshops and designated professional instructors to offer trainings to inmates. The workshops are focused on the fields of clothes manufacturing, carpentry, printing, hardware, craftwork, maintenance, plumbing and electrics, automobile repair, laundry, bread and cake and kitchen, etc.





Professional Training Certificate Courses

In response to social development, Correctional Services Bureau has co-established with local organizations various professional certificate courses held inside the Prison, in areas such as the basics of Chinese and western banquet services, housekeeping, bread and cake production, salesperson training, professional beautician training, hairdressing, library management, elementary accounting and magazine editing. Upon completion of the course, inmates concerned can receive a certificate from the course organizer. Inmates’ participation in the training courses is anticipated to create opportunities for their future social reintegration.

In addition, to enhance inmates’ capability of social reintegration and the level of recognition of professional qualification, Macao Prison has been designated as the examination centers for beauticians and clothing manufacturing professional qualification by the City and Guilds of the United Kingdom, and for western dessert under the China National Vocational Qualification Assessment. Upon completing the course and passing the examination, inmates can receive an internationally recognized professional qualification certificate issued by the relevant organization, which will help with their rehabilitation after release.



Pre-order of Inmate Training Workshop Products

An assortment of vocational training workshops has been established in the Prison for inmates’ acquisition of different skill sets. The products of the workshops are all handmade by inmates. The Macao Prison Inmates’ Handicraft Exhibition is held annually to showcase inmates’ learning achievements in prison to the public. The exhibits are also available for pre-order, with all revenues made therefrom going to Correctional Services Fund.

Citizens wishing to convey encouragement and support to the inmates by pre-ordering products made by them can contact staff of the Education and Training Team of the Coloane Prison at (853) 2888 1211 (ext. 266 or 358).

For an overview of the training workshops’ latest products, please click the following link for the catalog:


[Application for repair/production/purchase of products]

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