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 Activities Facilitation Social Reintegration

Social service scheme

To enable detainees to learn about the society, care for the community and have an heightened sense of responsibility for the society, the Youth Correctional Institution has been implementing the social service scheme since mid-2000. The detainees have been very enthusiastic with giving service, and have made obvious improvement in the areas of empathy, dignity, care for the society and sense of responsibility upon participation in the scheme, as well as the discipline and self-regulation in the Institution. At present, the Institution has several active teams of volunteers providing technical services and interpersonal activities. The technical services include cleaning, maintenance and painting at the homes of elderly people living alone and recovered psychiatric patients. The interpersonal activities are mainly related to directly helping assistance recipients, such as teaching the intellectually challenged handicraft, chatting with elderly people and arranging for cultural and recreational activities and performances.

The Youth Correctional Institution will continue to actively develop various community service schemes and arrange for more detainees' participation. For this reason, the Institution is constantly seeking cooperation with community organizations in hopes that more detainees can learn and grow while providing social services.

Juveniles’ Activities

At the beginning of each year, the Youth Correctional Institution will hold a New Year’s Resolution Ceremony, where guests and juveniles’ guardians will be invited to witness the juveniles set goals for the new year. The guardians and the juveniles will also be invited to a reunion lunch amid the festive atmosphere. During the event, representatives of the juveniles will give performances, bringing their creativity and talents into full play as well as enhancing their confidence and self-efficacy.

The housed juveniles providing volunteering 
service at the children’s center
New Year’s Resolution Ceremony

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