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The Youth Correctional Institution is divided into the Boys’ Home and the Girls’ Home, with each Home operating independently and having its own Observation Centre, Educational Centre as well as Education and Training Centre. Corresponding to the ruling by the court, the juveniles admitted to the Institution will be arranged to different centres where they will be subject to the counseling and education arrangements in accordance with the law.

The Observation Centre receives juveniles ordered by the court to be observed at an institution, or those who have yet to receive the ruling by the court but are required to be temporarily placed at the institution. Normally, the observation period shall not exceed 20 days but can be extended for 10 days under exceptional circumstances.

The Educational Centre receives juveniles who are imposed the measure of detention for the first time. The detention period is one to three years. In the Educational Centre, the juveniles will receive training for an orderly life, standard education, skills training and supplementary education.

The Education and Training Centre mainly receives junveniles who have committed a serious offense, who have committed an offence again during detention at or upon departure from the Youth Correctional Institution and who have committed a disciplinary violation at the detention centre. The detention period is one to three years under normal circumstances, and three to five years for those with a serious offense. In the Education and Training Centre, the juveniles will receive discipline training, education programs, vocational training and counseling.

The Institution has the facilities including bedroom, education area, multi-purpose room, group counseling room. There are also exercise yards and planting areas for the juveniles’ learning and living.

Exerciseyard Activityroom

Plantingarea Library

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