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 Suggestions or Complaints

Channels for Receiving Opinions and Complaints

We welcome your opinions regarding the services of the Bureau. You can contact us through the following channels:

In person:

  • Proceed to Correctional Services Bureau or Correctional Services Bureau Service and Information Centre; 
  • Put your opinion into the Opinion Box in the service locations of Correctional Services Bureau.


Rua de S. Francisco Xavier s/n Coloane, Macao


(853) 8896 1280 or (853) 8896 1283 (voice mail service available during non-office hours)


(853) 2888 2707



《Office Hours》 

Monday to Thursday 9:00~13:00 and 14:30~17:45 
Friday 9:00~13:00 and 14:30~17:30 
Correctional Services Bureau Service and Information Centre 
Monday to Thursday 9:00~17:45* 
Friday 9:00~17:30* 
*Open during lunch hours (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) 

《Personal Data Collection Statement》

  • All information you have provided shall be kept in the strictest confidence, and shall only be used on matter(s) directly related to the issue(s) you have put forward and by our staff member(s) in charge of handling such matter(s). Without your consent, the information you have provided shall never be disclosed to other personnel of the Prison or of other organizations.
  • In accordance with Clause 2 of Article 21 of Decree-Law No. 5/98/M of 2 February, suggestions, complaints or objections voiced anonymously can be destroyed.
  • In accordance with Clause 3 of Article 21 the said Decree-Law, Correctional Services Bureau will reply to the suggestions, complaints or objections attached with personal information and address within 45 days counted from the day such complaints or objections are received. If the case requires investigation proceedings, Correctional Services Bureau will pay close attention to the schedule and duly inform the party concerned of the progress of handling.
Address:Rua de S. Francisco Xavier s/n,Coloane,Macao | | Enquires & Complaints:(853)8896 1280 / 8896 1283 | Fax:(853)2888 2431
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