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 Prison Facilities
Coloane Prison is composed of Male Detention Zone and Female Detention Zone. Block 9, a special detention zone, situated next to the Academy of the Public Security Forces, is for confining inmates classified as “preventive” and requiring special detention.

In addition to prison cells, there are also classrooms, workshops and multi-purposes rooms for inmates’ education and other activities, as well as a clinic providing primary medical care in the Prison. To more effectively carry out the supervision of the inmates being hospitalized and provide medical services, a detention ward is established in the Conde S. Januário Hospital by the Correctional Services Bureau and the Health Bureau. Monitored by prison guards, the detention ward is staffed by medical professionals who work on shifts to provide certain outpatient and inpatient services.

Male Detention Zone
Female Detention Zone

Block 9 Detention Zone


Detention Ward at the Conde S. Januário Hospital

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