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 School Education and Vocational Training

The Correctional Services Bureau and the Education and Youth Development Bureau work together with schools to organize formal and recurrent education programs in the Youth Correctional Institution for the juveniles’ continued education. The Youth Correctional Institution also organizes vocational trainings for the juveniles. During the trainings, the professional trainers will educate the juveniles on the basic theories, practical techniques and occupational safety awareness to nurture their work habits and help them acquire useful skill sets.


Academic counseling

The academic experience of the detainees prior to their admission to the Institution is normally quite negative, and some detainees have even dropped out of school long before; therefore, upon detainees' admission, the social workers and the psychologists of the Institution will review their history, learn about their learning or working experience and assess their aptitude for learning, so as to help detainees build the interest in learning again. This kind of assistance focuses on motivating detainees to learn and enhance their adaptability, and concerns close follow-up upon their enrolment at school.


Standard school activities of the Educational Centre

Secondary and primary education programs are available at the Institution and organized with the assistance of external educational institutes. Marching training is also provided on a weekly basis.


Education activities of the Education and Training Centre

The form of training provided in the Education and Training Centre is mainly half-day learning and half-day training mainly on marching and duty exercise. The curriculum includes Chinese, English, Mathematics, vocational training and art education. Supplementary education programs of the primary and junior secondary-level recurrent education programs are available at the Centre also. The detainees attaining a passing grade in a public examination will be conferred a diploma issued by an educational institute and with equivalent effect as that of the standard education system.


Vocational training classes

Pre-job vocational training including programs on electrics, carpentry and electronics are available at the Educational Centre, while the pre-job vocational training at the Education and Training Centre covers basic comprehensive computer skills, webpage design, computer hardware assembly, craftwork, Chinese and western cooking, plumbing, electrics and air-conditioning as well as restaurant server training. The trainings, provided by professional instructors, cover mainly basic theoretical knowledge, practical skills and occupational safety awareness and aim to cultivate detainees' work habits and confidence.


The Youth Correctional Institution has cooperated with educational organizations to make vocational training programs available in the Education and Training Centre. The content of the training programs will keep pace with the times, and will be in line with the actual situations in society and manpower needs in the market, so as to facilitate detainees' entry into the workforce upon their departure from the Institution.


Learning activities

Discipline training and duty exercise including marching training, physical fitness training, farming activities and various sports, cultural and recreational activities are offered at the Institution. Furthermore, a variety of workshops and short-term courses on topics including sex education, individual development, life training, healthy lifestyle, drug abuse prevention and law will also be organized based on the needs of the development of the detainees.



The housed juveniles participating in 
the social service course

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